This is Flex G4

FlexG4 is the core product of Flex-IS.

This is the fourth generation of the ERP system, which is primarily intended for large sales networks and corporate clients. The system is built on the core of Katana and functionally is based on the successful ERP system FlexG3. During the development, we benefited from more than 25 years of experience in creating ERP systems and a lot of feedback from our customers.

What remains

Web app

Like its predecessor, FlexG4 is developed as a web application, so it continues to provide up-to-date data online without the need for client-side installation. A web browser is sufficient to run the application (Chrome, Edge and Firefox are supported).


It covers all basic activities related to the management of the business and economic agenda of the organization. FlexG4 contains effective tools designed to support marketing and sales, decision support, financial analysis and the application of modern logistics methods.


The system consists of several independent program units - modules, which can be deployed individually based on the current needs of the customer. The used data model and flexible core allow to modify individual modules or add completely new modules to the system.


Strong parameterization and settings are the optimal means to relatively easily adapt the system to the specific requirements of the customer. As FlexG4 is an original product developed by Flex-IS, it can be supplemented with any additional module or functionality to provide a truly comprehensive, tailor-made solution.


The use of state-of-the-art technologies and development tools in conjunction with thorough testing and deployment on proven technical and system resources are a guarantee of safe operation with minimal maintenance requirements.

Vertical scalability

The right solution for every customer, regardless of the number of users, warehouses / stores or the required performance.


All proven FlexG3 functionalities are retained, plus several new functionalities have been added

Major changes from FlexG3

When developing the new generation Flex G4, we paid particular attention to:


The latest security standards

The latest technologies and safety standards were used in the development of the FlexG4 system.


Advanced reporting options

In addition to extensive reporting and customization options for reports and analyzes, graphical representations of selected indicators can also be implemented.


Modern responsive design

Thanks to this, it is possible to work with the system regardless of the device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone) and its resolution.


Greater flexibility and configurability

The latest generation of ERP system provides even wider options for configuring and setting up the application to meet the requirements of any industry or segment.


Multilingualism and multi-currency support

FlexG4 is a native multilingual system. The application's user interface (GUI) itself, descriptions and texts on all documents, translations of stock card names and partner attributes into any foreign languages can be translated. In addition, the possibility of selling in any foreign currency (with or without the possibility of conversion) and support for different VAT rates for different countries have been added.


Configurable document workflow

New functionalities


New simplified sales editor focused on intuitive operation and also optimized for work on touch screen devices.

Discount module

A separate module for defining discounts, which are then automatically applied to the sales document after meeting the defined conditions.

Gift cards

Generation and management of gift vouchers (multi-purpose voucher) throughout the entire life cycle from sale to the use of currency for payment.

Discount coupons

Generation and management of discount coupons (single-purpose voucher) throughout the entire life cycle from activation to the application of the discount when purchasing.

Combined payments

Possibility to pay the cash receipt with combinations of cash, payment card and gift vouchers.

Automatic sending of documents to business partners

Possibility to set up automatic sending of documents (delivery notes, invoices, ..) to business partners to a dedicated email address.