This is Flex G3

A comprehensive online economic information system in the ERP category.

Offers an ideal solution for sales networks and distribution companies. The FlexG3 system is purchased, so it is a suitable solution mainly for corporate customers with their own IT infrastructure and staffing.


Web app

The system is developed as a web application (thin client), thanks to which it always provides up-to-date data online without the need for installation on the client side. A web browser (Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer *) is sufficient to run the application.


It covers all basic activities related to the management of the business and economic agenda of the organization. FlexG3 contains effective tools designed to support marketing and sales, decision support, financial analysis and the application of modern logistics methods.


The system consists of several independent program units - modules, which can be deployed individually based on the current needs of the customer. The used data model and flexible core allow to modify individual modules or add completely new modules to the system.


Strong parameterization and settings are the optimal means to relatively easily adapt the system to the specific requirements of the customer. As FlexG3 is an original product developed by Flex-IS, it can be supplemented with any additional module or functionality to provide a truly comprehensive, tailor-made solution.


The use of modern technologies and development tools in conjunction with thorough testing and deployment on proven technical and system resources are a guarantee of safe operation with minimal maintenance requirements.

Vertical scalability

The right solution for every customer, regardless of the number of users, warehouses / stores or the required performance.


FlexG3 is a comprehensive economic information system covering all activities of the business organization related to the registration of the warehouse, sales, sales support and management of subsequent economic agendas.

In the basic configuration, FlexG3 is divided into the following circuits:


Warehouses, business partners (suppliers), purchasing, ordering system (supplier, internal), inventory monitoring…


Business partners (customers), sales, ordering system (customer), outpatient sales, commission sales, order system, cash on delivery system, sales evaluation…

Financial relations

Invoicing, registration and liquidation of received invoices, contact with the bank (payment orders, statements), cash register (financial, registration), balance of suppliers and customers, financial analysis, resource planning, financial forecasts…

Business relations (CRM)

Records of contracts (supplier, customer), reception, records of events, records and processing of mail (incoming, outgoing)…


Internet solutions (WMS, e-shop), mobile solutions…

Custom modules

Service management, change monitoring, registration and evaluation of the activities of representatives…

Financial accounting

Possibility of exports to different accounting systems as needed…

Application architecture

FlexG3 is a three-tier application represented by three basic components:



Ordinary PC with web browser installed and JavaScript support. The client provides only the display and input of data. It contains only a minimal part of the logic - validation of input data types.


Application server

Usually a separate computer providing complete presentation logic and part of application logic. It consists of a set of scripts in PHP and JavaServer Remote Scripting (JSRS) libraries. The application server is the only way to connect to the database system.


Database server

It contains the two most important components of the whole solution:

    • data objects in a relational database
    • stored procedures - special functions in PL / SQL language providing manipulation of data objects

Despite the use of a three-tier architecture with a thin web client, FlexG3 allows the use of an electronic cash register via a fiscal module.