Properties of FlexONE

The most important facts on the package FlexONE (Flexon -linE)


  • FlexONE is an online financial information system
  • FlexONE is rented, including technology infrastructure
  • FlexONE is designed primarily for the sales network with branches
  • FlexONE is suitable for small and medium companies
  • to access FlexONE enough traffic to internet connection
  • FlexONE enough to trigger the user to a web browser
  • FlexONE allows cash sales through fiscal module
  • FlexONE allows you to export to any accounting system

FlexONE is a solution designed for small and medium-sized companies that need to maintain their operations linked on-line, but do not want to (or can not) invest in a comprehensive solution comprising a modern information system and the necessary technological infrastructure of the amount of the order of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

FlexONE is built on the latest release of Flex-IS - Information Systems FlexG3, utilizing three-tier architecture with thin web client.

FlexONE takes the form of lease for a fixed monthly fee, based on the number of connected operations and / or the number of users.

The solution FlexONE is also providing the necessary technological infrastructure and related services (included in the monthly fee), namely:

  • application and database servers
  • Oracle database system
  • high-speed Internet applications
  • backup device
  • helpdesk helpdesk / e-mail
  • Administration of all components solutions
  • guaranteed availability solutions
  • best time and method of removing defects
  • Service and care of all components solutions
  • all components: regular Solutions

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