Flex-IS, the Slovak informatic indirectly in the market since 1992 as a software-house and custom-consulting firm working for commercial organizations. During this period, Flex-IS participated in the preparation and implementation of various projects, of which we mention only the most important:

  • Analysis and implementation of automation of repairs and maintenance of power plants ENO Novak (r. 1992.93)
  • preparation and provision of television video games Slovak Television (r. 1993.94)
  • Preparing and ensuring the evaluation and broadcasting of lottery ŠportNiké (d. 1994)
  • Analysis of the introduction and implementation of information system Office of the President of the Slovak Republic (d. 1994)

The first users of the products of the first generation (FlexStore / FlexEcon) became in 1992 AZ Auto Parts and genius. Both solutions have remained firm Flex-IS true to this day.

Since 1995 the company acts independently Flex-IS and towards the end customer. Unlike its operation till that time the company focuses mainly on implementation and delivery of complex economic information system FlexStore / FlexEcon for a narrower range of customers, with a maximum level of support and service support.

In early 1995 the company expanded its range of services for execution of sale retail networks. Within this activity, the Flex-IS focused on solutions-based point of sale systems and the IPC during 1995 has become one of the largest partners of IPC in the Slovak market.

In the first half of 1995, the company Flex-IS participated in the culminating boom supply electronic cash registers and especially the expansion of the existing fiscal modules.

The year 1995 marked a major breakthrough in the way of service and quality of service. The company offered its largest customers a wide range of exclusive service contracts under which they gained legal and legislative guarantee for the highest level of service (serviced in 4 hours, 24-hour hotline ...). First customers closed-priority contract in 1995 became Eurotel sro (mobile network operator), Domino sro Network (grocery stores), and LimaTrade Ltd. (food warehouse).

Main product companies - Genuine FlexStore / FlexEcon developed based on file-server architecture and use in essentially any network file-server or peer-to-peer (Novell Netware, Netware Lite, Lantastic ...) gradually ceased to be technologically to meet today requirements for quality information system. Therefore, in 1996, it was initiated development of a new version of a system designed for 32-bit Platform Windows 95 / Windows NT.

The resulting product (marked Turboflex) was put into production operation in January 1998 and in difficult conditions, a mobile network operator's GSM and NMT - EuroTel Bratislava as

After successful years of operation in Eurotel and dissemination of general functionality of the system was introduced to the public at the exhibition Cofax 1999 entitled Flex2001 as modernly designed complex economic information system for the third millennium. In 1999, the system was supplemented mainly by a set of resources towards expanding functionality trading via the Internet - Flex2001i.

At the exhibition was presented in 2000 Cofax Flex2001m - a set of tools and means of expanding the system's functionality Flex2001 on the feasibility of selected types of virtues and operations using portable devices. Portable devices can be designed for operation in the premises of the (data collection and subsequent processing) or for implementation at the customer's sales (distribution of goods, Outpatient)

The Flex2001 / Turboflex was extended in 2001 on the feasibility of the bulkhead "MultiPost" sale, which was first deployed in production at the company Eurotel prestigious shop in the shopping center Polus City Center Bratislava.

In 2001 the company Flex-IS has expanded its portfolio of services for the complete outsourcing of information technology and web presentations. The first customers using the new products became Metro Slovakia sro (Cash & Carry wholesale), Lima Trade Ltd. (distribution of food and dairy products), Pliva dd (a branch of world producer of pharmaceuticals), Cosmopolitan Cosmetics Ltd. (representation of the global cosmetics company) and Slovakia Interior Ltd. ( comprehensive furnishing, luxury furniture sale).

On Cofax 2002 Flex-E-IS said Flex2001it - a new version of information system Flex2001. Flex2001it is an affordable and full-fledged comprehensive financial information system, specifically designed for the segment of computing, office and telecommunications equipment. Was developed based on many years of operation of the systems FLEX-IS at customers from the above industry (Eurotel Bratislava as, Celadon Slovakia sro, Bratislava as Abax, GSM Slovakia sro, Autotel Ltd., Mobiltel ...).

In 2003, Flex-IS began development of a new information system based on thin Web client under the working názvpm FlexG3 (third generation). The first implementation based FlexG3 in September was deployed a system for monitoring and evaluation activities, representatives of the company for our long time customer company Pliva dd.

In January, the completed project "SAP / FlexG3 Upgrade & Enhancement" for EuroTel Bratislava as within which the system was implemented FlexG3 as a complete solution for sales support and customer contact, connected to logistics and accounting system SAP R / third

Currently, the company has Flex-IS sufficient operational, service design and development capabilities for complex security needs and requirements of our existing and prospective customers.