Features of the solutions


  • analysis of the deployment of information systems
  • development and sale of original software
  • supply of hardware and system equipment
  • sales service - warranty and post-warranty service contract
  • advisory and consultancy services


  • tailoring solutions to customer requirements
  • Development of custom modules and entire systems
  • the opportunity to interface with existing systems
  • branch solutions
  • Platform independence - for the fulfillment of existing capacities of switching to a more powerful technical system platform
  • Client / server or three-tier - client / application server / database server


  • Modular systems consisting of independent units - modules interconnected level databases - the customer pays only for that functionality it needs
  • the boot sequence - the system can be extended and amended in accordance with the actual needs of the customer


  • Only verified technologies and products
  • All components of the information system from renowned producers
  • Systems certified multi-year operation