Properties FlexEcon

FlexEcon the economic information system learned to conduct economic and trade agenda of small and medium businesses. The system has minimum requirements for technical equipment - sufficient for its operation a PC running MS-DOS.

FlexEcon provides several configured branch solutions tailored for specific industry and business field.

FlexEcon is designed as a modular system consisting of separate units - programs. Individual programs may be deployed within the local area network, as well as at remote field offices.

System modules FlexEcon

  • FlexStore - warehouse management (support for processing reports, keeping records of serial numbers, optimize inventory levels), ordering systems, custom systems, commission sales, invoicing, incoming invoices, advance payments, credit memos, contacts with banks, Cash partners (assets, liabilities, turnover) , electronic cash register, VAT registration, financial and commodity analysis, sales support, decision support, registration and connection to 100 centers, export to accounting.
  • FlexMarket - warehouse, wholesale Cash & Carry Packaging Records, linking up 100 centers, export data to retail, export to accounting.
  • Flexposite - retail electronic registration "PC" cash register, register of sales, VAT. Requires fiscal module FM-128th Flexposite individual installations can be connected in the local network to the control computer running FlexStore (goods receipt, production and export price lists, record sales at the tills).
  • FlexDrive - keeping records of vehicle log book service vehicles, processing of missions of professional and private vehicles.
  • FlexDocum - recording and processing of incoming and outgoing mail, recording events, registration of contracts, e-mail, reception ...
  • FlexServis - management services (maintenance contracts, guarantees, management reporting, cost accounting, invoicing) ...
  • FlexBook2 - double-entry bookkeeping.

The first users of the system were FlexEcon in 1992 AZ Auto Parts Ltd. and Genial Ltd. Both remained in solutions company Flex-IS today.

Product line FlexEcon / FlexStore is not currently the company Flex-IS distributed and supported.