Twenty years on the market

Flex-IS is the Slovak informatic market since 1992. Towards the end customer acts independently since 1995. Thus, more than 20 years fighting for their "place in the sun" and so far successfully.

The base is in the people
During this period he has formed a team of professionals able to design and implement a solution tailored to the requirements and needs of the customer.

Professionals loyal to its parent company and to its customers. Professionals working for customers and believers in their success, because only successful customer is a prerequisite for the growth and success of the IT company.

In short, we believe you and you believe in us and our people, because they are here for you and your people. Because everything is about people and technology is only a tool.

Complexity is our credo
Flex-IS is really focused on comprehensive solutions in information systems and technologies.

From the analysis of the status quo through the collection of user requirements, solution design, implementation, supply of hardware and system equipment, after-sales care through contractual service relationship to complete outsourcing of information technology - it's range of services and products that the Flex-IS is able to provide its customers.

Less is more
Flex-IS is focused on a relatively small clientele stable partners with the maximum degree of security and after-sales service support (currently about 100 customers, of which more than 15 key). Flex-IS does not sell "packaged software" for the masses.

On the contrary, our customers are companies that know what they want and are looking for custom solutions and not "a program on accounting."

No matter the quantity but the quality
Flex-IS does not seek and does not want to compete with the software giant with an annual turnover in the quantification of the tens of millions of euros and hundreds of employees.

With its less than 20 employees and a turnover in the order of millions of euros, the company Flex-IS for its existing and future customers a full partner in the design, implementation and operation of modern information technology.

High-quality materials - the basis of success
The main product of Flex-IS are FlexG3 and Flex2001 - complex information systems for the Windows environment, designed and developed based on years of experience of Flex-IS with the analysis, development, operation and maintenance of economic applications. Based on these, the vast majority built solutions company Flex-IS.