FlexG3's core product FLEX-IS, was unveiled in the autumn of 2003. It is a comprehensive information system designed and developed based on over twenty years experience of FLEX-IS with the analysis, development, operation and maintenance of economic applications.

The most important facts about the system FlexG3:
  • FlexG3 is an online financial information system
  • FlexG3 is designed primarily for the sales network with branches
  • FlexG3 provide information on sales and inventory in real time
  • to access FlexG3 enough traffic to internet connection
  • FlexG3 enough to trigger the user to a web browser
  • FlexG3 allows cash sales through fiscal module
  • FlexG3 can be integrated with your business applications
  • FlexG3 The Server licenses are not a user

FlexG3 is on the client executable as a Web application in Internet Explorer. The solution is implemented in the PHP scripting language with eluent of AJAX technology.

On the server side is FlexG3 designed and developed for deployment with Oracle database server.

Due to the chosen application platform solutions are based FlexG3 implementable on any system and TECHNOLOGICAL platform (Windows, Linux, Unix).

Since FlexG3 towards the user acts as the "Website" and does not require installing any client software is an ideal way to cover the requirements for on-line connection of remote offices and operations.

FlexG3 includes powerful tools designed to support marketing and sales support decision making, financial analysis and application of modern logistics methods.

The development of individual system modules FlexG3 were fully as the lessons of practical experience FLEX-IS in the implementation of economic information systems.

FlexG3 contains all the functions that are based on customer requirements and experience of practical operation proved to be important and useful for the particular module.

Since FlexG3 is an original product developed by Flex-IS, it is possible for customer requirements supplemented by any additional module respectively. functionality to be provided to truly comprehensive solution.

If you are interested in a solution FlexG3 you would like more information, you can request a personal demonstration at presentation, or setting up access to an online demonstration of the system. Just fill in a simple form ...